Connect to Your Potential
all is within You


In today's dynamic environment, we all face various challenges, especially as organizations transition to agile ways of working. This shift requires different skills and mindsets from everyone involved in the process.
Fortunately, I bring extensive experience working in agile organizations in various roles. I have firsthand knowledge of the intricacies of agile methodologies and understand the importance of adaptability and collaboration in achieving success.
Additionally, I have experience in coaching, holding certifications as an NLP Practitioner and Coach, Agile Scrum Master and Chapter Lead responsible for the professional development of individuals in their skills. This diverse background allows me to provide valuable guidance and support to individuals and teams as they navigate the agile landscape and strive for continuous improvement.


Olga Sanchidrian

Irina has helped me to be brave and to overcome situations that at first seemed impossible. Her knowledge and the applied coaching skills allowed me to achieve my goals. It is her support and encouragement that motivated me to carry on and commit to my aimed result. Irina accompanies you throughout the process, she challenges your follow-up actions that you would not do alone, but with her you feel capable of doing it and the result is amazing.

Sorina Sava

You would make an excellent mentor, as you have a wealth of experience and skills that can help others grow. Your communication style empowers individuals, and you have a knack for asking the right questions to help others gain clarity in their approach.