Connect to Your Potential
all is within You


In the realm of navigating complex situations with precision and poise, the absence of emotional influence is not an easy task. Yet, within the depths of our emotions lies a wellspring of wisdom, ready to guide us on our lifelong journey.
Intervision is an extraordinary opportunity to embark on a transformative learning journey alongside colleagues, arming ourselves with the essential tools to conquer the challenges, perplexing queries and pressing issues that punctuate our daily professional lives. By remaining steadfastly connected to our core values, we unlock the power to quickly navigate these situations with finesse. Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of Intervision sessions and unlock a profound comprehension of the profound impact your actions wield, propelling you towards exceptional performance and personal growth.

With my extensive experience in intervision, I possess the necessary capabilities to effectively guide individuals towards their personal and professional transformation.


Johanna Kyla - Utsuri

I had the pleasure to meet Irina while she was facilitating an Intervision session in a professional environment. During these inspiring hours, where open and honest discussions were taking place, I found myself learning much more from my colleagues. Among learning from others, the Intervision session was helping me to reflect my own behavior and thoughts. What I found most insightful was how powerful it is to ask correct questions instead of giving an advice!

Jens Fisher

I was the case provider in an Intervision session with Irina. In a safe environment my case has been discussed and because of the the questions asked I got various new insights  in my problem. I followed one of the strategies which proved to be successful when I applied it in practice.
After such a good experience I had individual coaching sessions with Irina. Focus was on interpersonal skills and the way other people perceive me. I received very constructive feedback and with her help new insights on behavior and topics have been developed. The sessions were always very enlightening for me.