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IT Project Management

I thrive on the challenge of revitalizing stagnant projects and injecting them with new energy. For me, a crucial aspect of achieving success is having a clear understanding of the desired outcomes and the necessary prerequisites.
Throughout my 20+ years of experience, I have honed my skills in taking over projects that have hit a roadblock or are progressing slowly. With determination and expertise, I have consistently delivered the agreed-upon results.
If you visit my LinkedIn profile, you will find a comprehensive overview of the companies I have had the privilege to work with . Additionally, you will see feedback from several individuals I have collaborated with.

If you find yourself stuck with a project that seems to have hit a roadblock, or an initiative that is moving at a snail's pace, fear not! I possess all the necessary skills and expertise to propel it forward and ensure your utmost satisfaction.


Radu Marin

You are highly efficient, proactive, dedicated and you have proven great problem-solving and collaboration skills. You have remarkable skills in both project management and communication skills which make you a valuable asset to any team.

Your most important quality is leadership. You involve the right people for the right task, you listen to everyone involved, you bring people together to discuss and you provide feedback and ask the difficult questions in order to move forward and deliver improvements.

I would highly recommend you for assignments that require strong project management skills, problem-solving abilities and effective collaboration. You would be highly efficient in complex projects with multiple stakeholders where your attention to detail and ability to involve the right people and drive results would be invaluable.

Meco Koemans

There are three qualities that I have seen during your assignment at Diebold Nixdorf:

Thoroughness: You take a comprehensive approach when it comes to projects. You thoroughly examine all aspects, seeking to understand the problem and find the most suitable solution. This includes meticulous planning, risk assessment, and ensuring all necessary work is done.

Boldness: You are  not afraid to reach out to anyone, regardless of their status or the nature of the message or request. Your goal is to move the project forward, and you approach every interaction with determination and courage.

Transparency: Clear and abundant communication is a priority for you. You strive to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page, providing transparent updates and information. This helps to keep all stakeholders aligned and working towards a common goal.